CURRENT exhibition


A woolen shawl, some chemicals, a fight, a child, an escape...

The April exhibition is about what we would like to add.


Hava Ozbas
Wietske Joan
Teun Grondman
Tamar Berends
Meike Legêne

Curated by Tamar Berends and Meike Legêne.

ABOUT bent

We are Beeld & Taal students at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam.
Every month, in this space, one of us curates an exhibition consisting of the works of our group.

Hava Ozbas
Meike Legêne
Tamar Berends
Teun Grondman
Wietske Joan

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Upcoming curator(s):
Hava Ozbas - March, 2018 
Tamar Berends - April, 2018
Wietske Joan - May, 2018
Meike Legêne - June, 2018 
Teun Grondman - July, 2018 
All ( Augustus - September 2018 )


OTHER exhibitions


March is all about growth!
While everything in nature naturally changes, humans are forced by the phenomenon of free will to choose whether they like to change themselves in order to transform.
But what is required to become what we want to be? 

The Transformation exhibition does not answer a specific question. 
Instead it shows a vision on the subject itself. 

Definition of 'transformation'

'' 1.    a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.
   2.    (mathematics logic) a process by which one figure, expression,  or function is converted into another one of  similar value. ''

The following artists participated: 
- Tamar Berends
- Teun Grondman
- Wietske Joan
- Meike Legêne 
- Hava Ozbas

This exhibition has been currated by Hava Ozbas.

Thank you for visiting ! 




Time is just going on and on, the weather does its own thing, and past events keep running away from us.

The July exhibition is about memory.


Living Within Walls

From May 4th to May 18th, six people from Beeld & Taal, Tamar, Francine, Wietske, Meike, Menno and Teun spent time in the capital of Europe. If you think about today's movements in Europe, or the European Union, you might think about debt, unrest, refugees, borders.
When you want to investigate these things, you must go to the place where they are concentrated and multiplied by twenty. Athens as the capital of modern Europe, and at the same time the originator of western democracy, twenty five hundred years ago.

For two weeks, which is not a long time, we tried to find out what it is like to live within walls: the walls of Fort Europe and those who dare to cross them, physical walls made out of bricks, metaphorical walls which limit your way of expression.

During the first week in Athens, each of us went their own way, exploring walls in a less or more engaged manner, but always with Athens as a centre source of inspiration. In the second week we brought our work together in a gallery in the most vibrant neighbourhood of Athens, Exarcheia. The physical exhibition "Living Within Walls" opened on Saturday May 13th and stayed open for four days, for a mostly Greek audience.

Now we bring the work to a wider audience, by making an exhibition which is not constrained within walls, available to anyone with a working internet connection. The website is more of a digital space than a website like you would expect. You can wander around, horizontally and vertically, you can get lost and miss things.

The online space will be up for one month, after which will keep existing, offering new work from Beeld & Taal, every time curated and redisigned by someone from the department. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive an email every time the website is renewed.

Living Within Walls
Ze telt af
vragen stapelen op
Ze houdt het allemaal bij
de minuten de afspraken de dagen
Ze ziet je
blinde vlekken
als moedervlekken op het huid
Ze rekent af
Vergeet er twee
van waaruit ze naar buiten kijkt

Hava Ozbas