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En onderweg kom je me toch wonderbaarlijke dingen tegen.

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2017 June (assessments)

2017 June (assessments)

Lavender Seeds and Human Hair

Every corner has a different curve-rate and a wide purple array. The snout is almost grey, little
folds decorate its body and I pick it up. I forget how my hand could’ve been but a background
for this tiny seed; I’m hypnotized.


Birch leafs were silver until you came up close: then they turned grey.

My fathers’ hair was green.

My fathers’ real name was hard to remember.

The word potverdorie

The French language

A canal

In Bosnian the weeping willow cries (plačuća vrba), while the Dutch is only sad.

There is a neighbourhood with a lot of willows where I always get lost.

The weeping willow was not truly sad and had beautiful hair.

My friend ate her snot, which resulted in a slimy tree growing in her belly.

Blue and green fall into a similar category.

Forgetting is blue but belongs to forest.

[moving hands]

Isn’t it beautiful the water takes every shape it’s poured into?

(I wish my hands would do this)