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our space
their space

and inbetween

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This is Beeld & Taal at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam.
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2017 June (assessments)

2017 June (assessments)
Not being able to stand up after I sat on my leg for too long
The tingling feeling of the leg that I sat on coming back to life

Holding my arms in the air
and feeling the blood run down

Before I sleep,
I like to feel the inside of my eyelids when moving my eyes

..And the pink light you see when looking through your eyelids

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Physical Sensations

Sometimes, when I look at my feet for too long, it feels like they do not belong to me

g o o i


To look at a tree
and think of my arms

n u l

Pulling my hair to feel how strongly attached they are

Lifting the skin of my scalp to make space

v a n g


I touched a surface

Without a name

And so I never realised

I tend to write, to draw on-end

Allowing space to become visible

A word is followed by a word

This movement is a space

Without the words

The space will drown

In all white’s nothingness

The nothing is a something

And it is everywhere

to make a sculpture
volume of day one to five

remains of a choice //
// an action in volume