2nd Assesment 2019-2020
A Corona Edition

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2017 June (assessments)

2017 June (assessments)
When you are trying to find out what Man do I want to be? Do I want to be a toxic male painting with my manhood and the answer is Yes. There will always be someone who has already done it. And luckily for me there was Brent. But he never replied to this mail. Maybe I wasn't looking for answers on my questions. Knowing he is there and I reached out to him is enough.
Soft stripes/hard stripes.
What are criteria for your work? Do people need to look at it and nod their heads as people do in musea? Or do you want them to cry, or laugh or feel sexually aroused? What kind of technique goes along with that. Do you need to be sexually aroused when you draw something sexy? Hard stripes/soft stripes wonders.
A male solo performance
Hard stripes/Soft Stripes
ADULT CONTENT 18+ ADULT CONTENT 18+ ADULT CONTENT 18+ To whom am I making love? The canvas? The paint? The computer? The film? My mind? Is making art the same as making love? But if making art is making love, pornography is kitsch. So many thoughts on just a guy who wants to paint a naked woman with his dick.
As I was uploading my first sexual deed on an online porn medium I found out a male solo is standard added to the gay version of the website. While it wasn't my intention to get attention from this particular scene. As I was just wondering on how toxic masculine this deed would be commented? As I later found out a lot of my experiments on expressing toxic masculinity were in the outside world categorized as gay.
Hard stripes / Soft stripes
My teacher said this would only work if I made more paintings with this technique. This is the second and last I made. Which is more than one.
Is Man still relevant in a time of engines and birth control?
As I was tired of using my own body for making art. (This is not particularly contemporary as most of the manual labor has been taken over by robots and machinery). So I decided to order a vibrator (which is something else than a dildo which is not only about the shaky movement but also about inserting) the artificial substitute for the penis (actually when I think of it more the finger but then I didn't know the difference between a dildo and vibrator). It made beautiful symmetric drawings of tornadoes.
It is easy you can do it yourself! Just buy an elastic, a brush (or anything that can draw) add paint. Attach it to the vibrator and let the thing do the magic. In this way, you can experience the lovemaking/ art-making in a safe and artificial environment. Never having to feel afraid of someone walking into your room while juggling your manhood at a canvas. How to explain that to your roommate, wife or kids?
In 1892 a famous Russian composer made the music for "the Nutcracker". A story about a girl who ends up in a fight between a cookie - and a mouse army. One of the songs is the "March of the Toy soldiers". Which I picked for this particular art making/love making choreography. I actually wanted to use a song from the "Swan lake" (also a Russian play). Because as I saw it the vibrators are skating on an ice lake. My teacher saw it as form of oppression: a couple of guys playing with the vibrators like they are puppeteers. You know what they say "boys and their toys". Of course you are welcome to make your own interpretations on this piece and all the others. It is a horizontal medium. No wrong answers.
When I first saw this video I have to admit I was already active in the world of pec(trial muscle) bouncing. But muscle daddy took it to a bigger stage and I have to credit him for that. Also to see him perform while not being the youngest anymore leaves me with high hopes for the future.
Why do men have boobs? As much as men hate to hear this, the human fetal blueprint is initially female. In other words, men have breasts and nipples because they already had them before they became male. But then why didn't evolution opt to remove those seemingly useless female parts? Because evolution doesn’t simply wipe out unnecessary physical bits and pieces. Those parts have to be a burden or be in the way of survival and reproduction for evolution to take notice. Since there's no real caloric cost to men having boobs, evolution has no impetus to erase them. Natural selection chooses for and against body parts, but there is no master plan that aims for the perfect creature. Men have boobs, women get facial hair, and we all stand in front of the mirror asking, "Why?"
At the beginning of our correspondence Muscle Daddy mentioned he was happy that for once a guy asked him to pec bounce on a song without a very personal reason (gay sexual). Though at the end of his mail he friendly asks me to send a picture of myself. For probably very personal reasons of his own. This seemed very contradictive and as I discussed before again I was mesmerized that these in my idea expressions of toxic masculinity turn out to be explicitly there for the gay scene.
Before I ever heard of Muscle Daddy I was already pec bouncing in the Rietveld. The idea was to make a poem physical by bouncing my pecs on morse code. The code would make the words: "it is hard to express". Because literally you make your muscles hard and figuratively it can be hard as a man to express yourself as you're subconscious taught to not be emotional. In the end, the performance turned out to be chaotic and no one got the full poem. Which made it work in a sense. The first poem I choose was: "my boobs are bigger than yours". My fellow students did not like that. So I decided to turn it into: "it is hard to express".
performance PERFORMANCE performance PERFORMANCE performance
This was maybe the closest I got to a toxic masculine performance this year. I hit a guy in a bar who tried to steal my girl. "Oega oega" stands for the sound monkeys make. There were a few people watching but it wasn't in an art-related environment so nobody would have seen it as a performance. This action was a gender performance as described by Judith Butler. As a man growing up I watched so many movies on how to deal with a situation like this. And so it happened just as in the movies.
co-work with Joachim Schoones
As I was discussing with Joachim on what kind of animals we had killed. We were drawing a situation I had experienced two summers ago when I was on a camp with my friends and I killed a chicken. The next time we are going to draw how he killed a mouse. We are just like the cavemen thousands of years ago. Killing animals and drawing that process.
tanktop design
A couple of years ago I saw an interview with Shell's manager Ben van Beurden. He said he would keep pumping oil until there was no more oil to be found. With the whole climate change going on I thought of this as a very toxic male quote. In my mind, I saw Ben standing there in tanktop with a Shell logo on it. Pumping the oil out of the ground.
GIF stands for graphic interchange format
Steaming sweat
home quarantine workout
In these days we are supposed to stay home. A famous fitness motivation quote is "Go hard or go home". It should be changed into "Stay home and stay hard".
With my girlfriend, her mother and her boyfriend we sailed through the docks of Rotterdam. Where we also saw the Shell refinery. I expected to see Ben around in a tanktop pumping oil from the tanks into the tubes.
As I was working out a lot during this year I thought of designing my own weights. First I wanted to make them in shapes of cars and houses or women. I would call them no weights but "expectations". As I am working out I have certain expectations on what it will get me besides physique esthetics. In the end, I just used clay and steel and decided that my expectations are not shaped as everyday objects but as shapes. Just blocks.
Picture of fictional man. Made by AI. Bert can be a rude male on the internet. WORK HARD FUCK ART
I made an Instagram account of a fictional character named Bert van Beunen. Which is a wordplay on Shell's CEO Ben van Beurden. As I imagined him pumping the oil and being a hard-working not complaining man. So I wanted to be Bert. But for Bert also being an art critic. He could be the voice of my questions on certain forms of art.
One of the questions Bert would ask himself. Is this art? In times of people taping bananas to walls. Then what is art? Bert believes it is in hard work. He worked hard on evacuating a house. This is the result and he thinks it is beautiful.
NO HEROES HERE NO HEROES HERE NO HEROES HERE NO HEROES HERE but there is a video of my sister reviewing her day at the intensive care during the COVID-19 outbreak. I made movies on how live goes on outside the hospital.
CORONA CORONA CORONA CORONA CORONA you make me dream so vivid and realistic