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This is Beeld & Taal at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam.
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2017 June (assessments)

2017 June (assessments)

Start counting.

Choose a number between 0 and 999.


Sun high//listen//ears

The guide will point you to the mountain peak, don’t listen.

//place in///breath//breath

Take that number of steps in the room you are at this moment.

Decide where to plant the flag: this is your beginning.

Picture a guide.

//feet in//take off//silence//silence in your//for a moment

To start the climb you follow the guides’ hair.

Pick a color.

To find the way up see which way the river runs.

///take off your//press//bare//plugs in//grass//toes

Draw a flag and find a mountain.


Take that object and put it on your lap.

Find an object in the color of your choice at the spot you are standing right now.

Feel the ground to prevent dizziness